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writing role play

The crew of the U.S.S. Heimdal regularly engage in a writing roleplay exercise, where they place themselves inside the story. The narrative is created on an ongoing basis, however there are regular gatherings of participants to lightly sketch out future plot-lines. 

The timeframe for the Heimdal written roleplay within the Star Trek canon universe is after the episode Darmok (TNG) and before the Dominion War. This is a standalone creative exercise amongst Chapter members and does not impact realtime activities or reporting.

Bud entered the mess hall and quickly surveyed his surroundings. Even though he kept telling himself that he was in a safe place, Bud still preferred to eat alone and with his back against the wall. But sitting alone at a table seemed to be an invitation to his crewmates to approach and offer their company. Bud did not want to antagonize anyone and often agreed to let others join him, despite his preferences. Bud then spied a Vulcan lieutenant named T-Ploth sitting at a table by herself. Just at that moment a crewmember approached her and said something. T-Ploth looked up from her PADD and shook her head. The crewmember then walked away. An idea came to Bud in a flash.

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