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The following names are our beloved members of the USS Heimdal and Starfleet International that have enriched our lives with their friendship. May they always have a place in our hearts and memories as they take their final journey into the stars to explore the great unknown.

Pete Bryant - 1985

Brian Klingler
Michelle Pritchett
Cliff White
Jeremy Austin - 2007
Margie Carrico - 2007

Sara Sprinkle - 2010

Millard Stimpson - 2017
Martha Stimpson - 2018
Jeanne Wilson - 2020

Mariea Stanley - 2023

Dennis Henderson - 2023


neH taH Kronos.

Hegh bat'lhqu

Hoch nej maH.

neH taH Kronos. 
yay je bat'lh manob Hegh.

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