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writing role play

Chapter 1 - The Mirror Looks Both Ways

by Zak Lyon & Jonathan Hatter

The wolf stalks. I am in its belly. But I am its eye. I have been stretched so far…so far… to touch that me…that me I can see in that other ship. The ship of friends, not foes. What can I see there? I am supposed to expand the hole. Can I resist? THE PAIN. Yes…Look for the traitor. Tell what I see? 


Can I see enough…to dream?


wolf in the mist.jpg


“Hatter – Is that you?” 


He was gliding through the clouds like a large graceful Atlirith as the cool air rushed across his cheeks, and like that beautiful Andorian Eagle, he swirled and dived as he enjoyed the open blue sky. 


“This is truly living!” he thought out loud. 


An infectious smile stretched across his face; he was deeply content. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and let himself fall down through the fluffy clouds. 


“What’s with that stupid grin?” the short and stocky guard asked his duty shift companion. They were both staring at the Federation officer through the clear tube that encased him. He had been placed into a forced sleep and yet a look of joy painted his face. The taller guard shrugged his shoulders. 


“I got no idea. These Prime Universe guys are fruity as nutcakes.” 


“Does he at least have some sort of designation?” 


The tall guard tapped a control panel beside the tube. 


“Hatter, Commander, United Federation of Planets, service num…..” 


“Yeah, yeah. I got it. Don’t need his pathetic life history for the Emperor’s sake.” 


The tall guard glared down at his companion, and the light reflected off of the scar that traversed the right side of his face. 


“Easy,” said Shorty. 


“All good,” he replied, as he offered a ‘just kidding’ gesture. “We get to babysit this guy while his Terran counterpart is on that ship out there,” Mr. Tall nodded his head toward outer space. 


“So that’s why we’re just sitting out here.” 


Shorty glanced up, offering a confident look. “Oh, you’re a quick one. We have a true genius here,” 


Mr. Tall grinned. His smaller counterpart offered only an insulted grunt in response. “It’s a shift change. Let’s get outta here. This dude’s smile is creeping me out. I’d rather just vaporize him.”


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