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writing role play

Chapter 2 - Curiouser and Curiouser

by Bud Walker & Jonathan Hatter

As he had for the past several weeks, Lt. Bud Walker walked into the galley, retrieved his meal from the replicator and took his seat at a table for two. Within a few minutes, Lt. T’Ploth entered and did the same, sitting opposite from Bud. The rest of the crew had become accustomed to seeing the pair eating together, and since they always sat at a table for two, no one was ever tempted to ask to join them. During this time, Bud and T’Ploth had exchanged no more than a handful of words as a simple head nod had sufficed for both of them.


Bud smiled to himself as he thought back on the past few weeks and the stress-free meals he could finally enjoy. He mentally gave himself a pat on the back for coming up with this idea of sharing meals with a Vulcan. Bud was enjoying the silence as he took a sip of sparkling water from his cup, so he was completely caught off guard when T’Ploth actually spoke.


“Lieutenant, how long have you been here from what some call the Mirror Universe?”


Bud literally sprayed the liquid in his mouth all over his meal and the front of his uniform. The look of shock on his face was palpable as he turned to T’Ploth. Initially at a loss for words, Bud tried to form a response.


“What? Ummm, what do you …. ummmm, I don’t …… ummmm, how can ….”


Bud stopped speaking and grabbed a napkin. He looked down and began to madly pat the drops of water on his shirt. Then he stopped and looked back up to T’Ploth.


“What?” was all Bud could get out.


T’Ploth raised an eyebrow and then responded, “I apologize if I have upset you.”


“I am not upset!”

Bud then began to furiously dab his meal and tray, wiping up the water he had sprayed on them.


T’Ploth said, “Clearly.”


Bud then stopped with his attempt at cleaning and slumped forward. With an air of resignation, he sighed and spoke softly.


“How did you figure it out?”

T’Ploth said, “It was not too difficult. I was initially intrigued when I overheard you make some incorrect historical references in conversation with others. Then I began to consider why you might be so unlike your fellow humans in your desire for less conversation and less social interaction.”


Bud swallowed hard but said nothing.


T’Ploth continued, “During my routine duties in sick bay, I happened to come across your medical file. It stated that you are allergic to Retinax V, which certainly explained your spectacles. However, I have observed you consume Andorran desserts, which have similar chemical properties as Retinax. That is when I noticed your glasses appear to shade incoming light rather than correct for astigmatism. Knowing that individuals from the Mirror Universe have eyes that are more sensitive to light than inhabitants in this universe, I made a supposition that you must be from the Mirror universe.”


Having completed her explanation, T’Ploth sat silently observing Bud. Bud looked down and picked up a fork and poked at his semi-wet food, but then put his fork down without taking a bite.


Bud said, “You are correct, of course.” 


Bud looked back up and spoke quietly, so as not to be overhead by anyone else in the galley.


“To answer your question, I have been in this universe for over six months. The Federation granted me refugee status, but Starfleet Intelligence decided that my origin should be kept secret. So, my true background has been classified and I have assumed an identity that S.I. created for me. Before you ask, both Admiral Smiths know, as well as my Department Head. But I must ask you to keep this to yourself, as SI might yank me from this assignment if my cover is blown.”


T'Ploth looked confused, “If your ‘cover’ is ….what?”


Bud hissed back, “If my secret is revealed!”


“Oh,” T’Ploth said, “Well, your secret is safe with me. But I appreciate the explanation. I did not think you were a threat to the ship, but I admit I was curious as to why a potentially hostile entity was placed on the Heimdal.”


“I helped out a Starfleet mission in my universe,” Bud said, “but the details are classified.”


“I understand. But I am curious about one thing if it is not classified. I presume there is a version of you in this universe. What happens if you meet your doppelganger here?”


Bud heard her question, but his mind clouded over. He had a vision of staring at his own face through a clear space helmet. Bud then shook his head to clear the vision away.


“My counterpart from this universe is …… dead.” 


Bud swallowed and continued, “That is why Starfleet Intelligence gave me this identity. I have essentially assumed his place in this universe.”


T’Ploth seem to consider something for a moment but then she simply nodded. Without a further word, she began to eat her salad. Bud poked at his meal for a while, but his appetite had vanished. I forgot how perceptive Vulcans can be, he thought to himself. After several minutes, Bud stood up and returned his tray to the dispensary.


I will need to be more cautious.

Across the galley, Hatter and Davis watched Lt. Walker as he exited the room, then nodded at one another. 


Hatter took a gulp of his cold coffee and slowly turned to the Admiral. 


"I have an odd feeling, Sir, like out there in the Delta Quadrant odd. I just have to put my trigger finger on it." 


Hatter stroked his beard. He missed tugging on the long goatee he'd had to shave. Just one of the many changes he was forced to make to replace his Prime Universe doppelganger. 


Hatter turned to Admiral Davis. "Permission to investigate Lt. Walker further, Sir?"


Chief Davis gave an approving nod and Hatter rose to leave the galley. Lt. T'Ploth calmly glanced at him as he exited. Her eyebrow lifted and her face formed that look only an intrigued Vulcan can make.


Hatter paused to watch Walker make his way down the hall and thought to himself, "No doubt. I know you're a Terran as well, Lieutenant. I think you may be just the diversion I need."


The Mirror Hatter's face contorted, and his mouth formed into a sinister smile. 

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