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Chapter 3 - Predators and Prey

by Zak Lyon & Jody Lyon

Aboard the ISS Garmr

Council Enforcement Officer Jodi adjusted her sash and straightened her insignia. This was her first assignment out of the eyesight of the Emperor and the Inner Circle. She had earned their trust. It had only taken five years as the civilian tactical advisor to the Emperor on Bajoran Issues. And she was always on a short leash. Jodi understood. Bajor was a major force in the Alliance; the Empire could not be too careful allowing her, a Bajoran, in. But she now had achieved her goal – an assignment to a star ship. She adjusted her calf length leather duster to display her side arm as she strode down the corridor of the ISS Garmr currently in Prime Universe space. The uniform was uncomfortable, too tight in places and too ornamental for her tastes. The epaulets with the wolf head attachments were especially unnecessary in her opinion. She preferred an unadorned simple uniform. But the Empire was nothing if not ostentatious. She stopped outside the interrogation room and listened.  

“It's a shift change. Let's get outta here. This dude's smile is creeping me out. I'd rather just vaporize him”

Of course, she thought. The Prime Security Officer. He should yield a wealth of information, she thought. The Garmr Security Team shot to attention as she entered the chamber.  

“Do you have everything you need?” She glared at the two officers. 

They rolled their eyes and spoke in a less than respectful manner. “Yes Ma’am. We have everything in hand. When the time comes.”

The shorter of the officers, sneered, flexed the prod he held allowing an arc of energy to spark slightly. They both laughed.  She turned and exited the room. This was not her destination, but she needed to make her presence known. The Emperor may trust her, but not these space-hardened veterans. She was assigned to the Garmr as a resource to the Command Staff for the purpose of “enhancing intelligence gathering techniques.” In other words: torture. As she moved closer to her destination, Jodi ran through strategy and tactics. She needed to play everything by the book. The Terrans will soon understand how good I am at my job. And when I make my move…Her thoughts were interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Ah, this must be the place. Officer Jodi took a deep breath and entered the chamber.

Dr. Lyon savored the release from the pain that had been inflicted on him over the last 72 hours. It seemed like more, but he knew exactly how long it had been since he was grabbed from his home on Terra and his trans-dimensional research he had been conscripted to conduct. The Emperor’s intelligence had indicated the thing to defeat the burgeoning Alliance was not of his universe. He had been conflicted ever since he was given the order to pursue a way to gain this technology for the Empire. He had spent some time on El-Aurian practices when he was alone in his lab. He was thankful. That time spent perfecting these unique skills may just save his life and allow him to resist. For years, the Empire did not know of his El-Aurian heritage and thought him of pure Terran blood. Now that corruption of his blood may be the means for the Empire to gain even more power. The scientist was now far from his lab, floating in a tank of fluid. He was covered with link terminals. Several of them were connected to tubes. At least one, the one in his skull, was connected to the console manned by three technicians in clean room suits. He was wearing a tight-fitting latex suit and he chuckled to himself as he noticed that even the torture suit displayed the insignias of the Empire and the ISS Garmr. Doctor Lyon heard a new voice. A voice that was unfamiliar. A woman. He could not see her.


Is this the half-breed? The weapon the Emperor has commissioned?

And then, she said words that made his blood freeze. The voice almost snarled, Leave us.


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